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All-Inclusive Online Payroll

Our 3-step system is easy to use and will handle your clients’ federal, state, and local taxes. Plus, our Online Payroll solution comes complete with a variety of payment options, unlimited reporting, and more. In addition, they’ll get free access to our Employee Onboarding, Time Clock Free, and HR Advisory services.

PrimePay Benefit Services Overview

Pre-tax Benefit Accounts

66% of consumers say planning for out-of-pocket medical costs is challenging. We can help your clients erase those fears through our flexible spending account, health reimbursement arrangement, health savings account, and POP administration.


ACA Compliance Navigator - PrimePay's Broker Concierge

ACA Compliance Navigator

With all the uncertainly surrounding The Affordable Care Act (ACA), it's crucial for business owners to have a solution they can rely on. Our ACA Compliance Navigator reports on variable hour employees and plan affordability, helps to file and provide IRS Forms 1094/1095, as well as equips business owners with penalty exposure warnings, checklists, and more.

COBRA Administration - PrimePay's Broker Concierge

COBRA Administration

PrimePay’s COBRA administration is as easy as 1-2-3. Our team will handle the rest, helping to avoid costly penalties and excise taxes ($100 or more a day per violation) from COBRA audits. These are the three steps: 1. Let PrimePay know of new plan participants. 2. Notify us of qualifying events. 3. Run reports once a month.

ERISA Compliance Solution - PrimePay's Broker Concierge

ERISA Compliance Solutions

>71% of employers aren’t maintaining what they need for ERISA compliance. Our two solutions help with that. For businesses with less than 50 employees, the Fast Track ERISA Wrap Solution will provide their documents in less than a week. For something more complex, our Premier ERISA Wrap Solution is perfect - it handles many plan types, and comes complete with our industry-leading guarantee and high-level compliance review. 


Nondiscrimination Testing (NDT) - PrimePay's Broker Concierge

Nondiscrimination Testing

Nondiscrimination testing (NDT) ensures equality for all employees by evaluating the eligibility, contributions and benefits on a non-discriminatory basis. The IRS mandates that pre-tax benefit accounts must complete NDT – there are no exemptions. In just three steps, PrimePay can help you ensure equality and compliance with NDT for all of your clients.